#51: PPO Chronicles- Ananta Jindal, Vodafone Idea

Ananta worked as an SAP consultant for two and a half years after completing her B.Tech in computer science. After working as an IT professional, she decided to pursue her dream of studying Human Resources. She worked with Vodafone Idea during her summer internship, where she managed to impress her superiors and bag a PPO with the company. 

Ananta’s interest in HR sparked during her tenure at IBM, where she got an opportunity to work closely with the HR manager. She realized that she had good people skills, and the test that suggests which profession is ideal for an individual also pointed the same direction. She also listened to numerous podcasts and read about the specialization to ensure this was the right profession for her. It is her passion that has helped her in outperforming others and deliver the best results. 

During her internship, she worked in the talent and development domain. She closely worked with her mentor, VP of learning and development, and made sure to ask relevant questions to ensure that she was going in the right direction. Her task was to identify the skills that were required to make the employees future ready. To know more, she studied the skills and competencies the company already required, she then proceeded to identify the gap and bridge it. 

Ananta’s internship was online but she got to interact with several other interns from various B-schools across the country. Like any other intern, Ananta too was clueless initially on where to start but she made sure she constantly remained in touch with her mentor. At every step, she kept her mentor informed of her proceedings. Another quality of Ananta that helped her during her internship was that her apporach was very well organized. This gave her clear view of what was done and what was left to be done. The two months of her internship, Ananta was unstoppable and would always have some work or other. If she was done with her task, she wouldn’t just sit waiting to be assigned another task but ask her mentors for additional work herself. Ananta also made sure to align her skills and vision with the company’s to deliver her best work that would benefit the company. 

Ananta advices her juniors is to always look for a task as a learning opportunity and make the most of it. There will be several leadership sessions that’ll be organized by the company, she advises to be extremely interactive and ask a lot of questions as these will help you know the company better and also help you in proceeding with the tasks assigned to you. She added, “Be diligent and extremely proactive and reach out to your seniors, they’ll help in whatever way possible.”

-Priyanshi Shah, Media and PR Team

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