#50: PPO Chronicles- Prince Bhardwaj, TVS Credit

Prince Bhardwaj, a Business Analytics student of the 2020-2022 batch at SCMHRD, bagged a PPO in TVS Credit after winning its flagship competition Analytics Challenge EPIC Season 3.0. Today he shares his journey of acing through the competition to win it. 

After completing mechanical engineering in 2016, Prince worked as a software developer and an analyst in Tata consultancy Service for four years. During his journey in TCS, he worked on three different projects based in Europe, Canada, and the USA in the domain of Life-Sciences & Retail.  

Prince had participated in various corporate and B-school competitions before participating in the TVS credit. His team was national semi-finalists for two competitions (VMWARE & _VOIS) and campus finalists for Reliance TUP 6.0 before he emerged as a winner in TVS credit. He shares it was the first time he participated in an analytics competition. It was a new experience for him. However, his learnings from the previous competitions helped him add value to his presentation. On the final day of TVS Credit EPIC Season 3.0, he wasn’t asked a single question after the presentation; he lost all hopes of getting any position in the competition. It came as a huge surprise when he won the competition and bagged the PPO directly instead of a PPI.

It was a challenging task for him to prepare for the competition, along with assignments and academic rigour. Since it was an individual competition, the workload couldn’t be shared with someone else. However, Prince consulted his mentor, which helped him clearly understand the problem statement and stay on the right track. 

On being asked about his strategy to ace such competitions, Prince shared that getting the final presentations reviewed by a few people, including his mentors, was one of the most exciting parts of his case competitions journey before submitting them to a jury. He also prepared for the Q&A for every competition in advance. 

Prince focuses on the three skills that business analytics students must learn before starting their internship: PowerPoint presentation skills, a visualization tool, and python.

-Charvee Agarwal, Media and PR Team

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