#5: PPO Chronicles- Suhana R, Flipkart

Suhana R from MBA Batch 2020-2022, specializing in Human Resource Management, got the opportunity to do a live project and intern with Flipkart, which eventually led to a Pre-Placement Offer with the same company.

An exceptional opportunity came her way with Flipkart offering a live project before the actual internship commenced. During this stint, she worked along with the learning and development team, which allowed her to acquaint herself with the work culture and different business units at Flipkart. Post this began her internship in the talent development team. Her project was based on career development and talent management; and she used an employee-centric approach. By actively utilizing her previously formed connections through the live project and mentors, she was able to seek clarity about the task at hand and unleash her full potential.

Through her interactions and subsequent observations, she determined that a blanket solution would not be the best for various business units. So, she studied the population by figuring out their specific needs and problem statements. Comprehensive research about supply chain concepts and important skills required for different roles enabled her to voice her ideas and garner support from the senior management.

Her overall experience at Flipkart was phenomenal as the senior HR leaders took an active interest in discussing with the interns about their approach and ideas. There were many Masterclass sessions wherein HR and business leaders shared their valuable insights. A considerable emphasis was laid on ownership, and interns were given ample freedom to plan the approach to the project, whom they reached out to, and how they planned to implement their solutions. Ownership coupled with a lot of support from mentors set her up for success.

She is a master’s degree holder in research with biotechnology as her specialization. Her research work also involved delegating tasks to different people based on compatibility and skill set, enabling team cohesion and efficiency. She worked with business and research leaders in the nutrition industry, which has helped her develop the acumen to gain in-depth understanding of various functional units of a company and define specific solutions in a systematic way.

“You are given irresponsible levels of responsibility. With the overwhelming amount of work at hand, one might not know how to start and proceed.” So, her advice to the juniors is to ask questions and seek clarity to fully comprehend what is the expected outcome of the project. You can then work towards building a plan and executing it efficiently. In order to maximize any opportunity, initiate conversations and do not restrict oneself to just the mentor or manager assigned; instead, engage with different people across the organization. When it comes to cracking a group discussion or interview, she fundamentally followed a research-oriented approach wherein you figure out what is currently known, the gap, and finally what you can do to fill that gap.

Her mantra to success is to put oneself into the mind of employees and business leaders by engaging in structured discussions. This would be the best approach to align HR processes with business strategy so as to ensure commitment among employees at all levels. This will also help in defining innovative ways to incite others to understand our perspective.

-Suvrata G, Media and PR Team

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