#47: PPO Chronicles- Arnav Munde, AB InBev

Arnav Munde, an MBA student specializing in Human Resources from the 2020-22 batch, secured a PPO from AB InBev.

As per Arnav, his project was a mix of HR and marketing divided into three projects. The first project was related to applying learn behavior analytics using xAPI technology to measure the effectiveness of the courses on Upscale, a learning design team of AB InBev. The second part involved in implementing marketing strategies to improve the visibility of Upscale, and the last project was formulating a plan to add two new products to Upscale for enhancing the learning experience within the Six business units of the organization. 

Arnav mentioned that AB InBev had an incredibly supportive environment during his summer internship stint. He added that they provided him the project charter well in advance, clarified their expectations from interns, assigned interns with guides, and supported them with any help. The culture at AB InBev is candor. He never felt burdened with the project as the buddy and mentor helped him whenever required. He also mentioned that everyone from the top management to the middle management was highly accommodative and easily accessible. 

Arnav is a mechanical engineer from DY Patil Institute of Technology, Pune. He was a fresher, and with AB InBev, it was his first corporate experience, and he cherishes it a lot. He also gives credit to the firm for helping him during his first corporate experience by making him comfortable and guiding him through the internship.

One suggestion that Arnav would like to give to the junior batch is to have the project’s final objective in your mind and formulate the plan accordingly to achieve that objective. He suggests asking relevant questions to relevant people and focusing on learning, thus developing yourself throughout the internship. Some basic skill sets required for training would be learning excel, making effective ppts, and similar basic routine skills. During the internship, students should foster good relations with all stakeholders.

-Karan Jamnal, Media and PR Team

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