#46: PPO Chronicles- Divyansh Gupta, OYO

Divyansh started off his journey in the field of business analytics way before he started pursuing his course. After completing his bachelor’s in engineering in the field of electronics and communication, he worked as an RPA developer, which sparked his in studying analytics further. It is this determination of Divyansh to his field that led him to secure a PPO with OYO.

Divyansh, during his internship, had an opportunity to handle hotels that were located in the United States. His job mainly was to study variables provided by the Online Travel Aggregators(OTA) and find out how those variables affected the revenue of the company. With his sharp acumen, he implemented a machine learning model to get a better idea and quality result. 

Divyansh thoroughly enjoyed working with Oyo. He was given the flexibility to work fours day a week in the beginning. He has an opportunity to work under the head of OTA and several other senior executives. He enjoyed learning the new domain of hospitality and was dedicated to putting his best foot forward.

Divyansh’s onboarding started with an induction where they interacted with the senior officials and learned in-depth about the company. Later on, different project charters were assigned. During his online internship, halfway through, there were significant changes that needed to be made in the pretty challenging project. He took up the challenge and delivered the result, and impressed his seniors. 

Divyansh always kept himself well aware of what was required. With his futuristic vision and  awareness of his task, he ensured that his methods and vision aligned with the company’s vision. He would constantly seek feedback and make sure he incorporated the suggestions to improve his efficiency. 

Divyansh’s advice to the junior batch is to seek feedback and work upon it constantly. He added that one should always push oneself and take up the initiative to do additional work and focus on learning and building one’s skills.

-Priyanshi Shah, Media and PR Team

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