#45: PPO Chronicles- Alisa Basak, Nivea

Alisa Basak from Batch 2020-22, specializing in Sales and Marketing, got the opportunity to intern with Nivea, which eventually led to a Pre-Placement Offer with the same company. Nivea is one of the leading companies in the field of skincare, with more than 130 years of experience.

At Nivea, she was recruited as part of the Sales project in the distribution channel, and her main task was to increase the distribution. As a part of the super sub stockist model, she had to increase the reach of Nivea in the sub-distribution markets. It involved the determination of the opportunistic zones among the intermediaries, where Nivea can establish a direct connection. She developed a unique statistical model that was initially implemented in the eastern region and went on to be implemented nationwide due to its success. 

As her internship was completely virtual, she faced some difficulties during the initial days, especially with comprehending the market’s challenges. Nivea provided her the opportunity to shadow the distributor sales representative, converse with retailers, and get an overall market experience. She followed this up with a thorough analysis of the company’s databases and the processes they have implemented and identified the changes she could bring. The mentors were always open to any queries and difficulties she faced. A very helpful and nurturing culture is how she would describe Nivea.

Her innate capacity to adapt and be flexible to incorporate changes based on the feedback and reviews that she received at any point in time caught the attention of her superiors. This ability to take prompt actions and be proactive gave her an edge during the internship.She also built a professional and personal relationship with her mentors by keeping them updated daily.

She has completed her Bachelor of Technology in the field of Information technology which landed her an IT Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services. She spent two and half years in a techno-functional role in the SAP domain.

Her suggestion to juniors is to actively connect with the seniors, especially those who have interned at the same company. It will help in understanding the situations and difficulties that may arise and a glimpse into their approach and solutions. Taking part in many competitions will help improve PPT skills and exposure to many different ideas.

-Suvrata G, Media and PR Team

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