#44: PPO Chronicles- Mayon Kumar, HSBC

Specialization: Finance

Mayon Kumar, an MBA student specializing in Finance from the 2020-22 batch, secured a PPO through HSBC IB League, an Investment Banking case study competition organized by HSBC India.

Mayon got an opportunity for a pre-placement interview through the case competition as his team was a finalist. The final assessments included two written tests, one of which was technical, and the other was a value assessment test. Based on these tests, some candidates were screened off. After that, there were presentations among the finalists wherein they assessed the candidates based on their presentation skills, justifications for the solution, and the delivery. Post these tests, they went through two technical interviews and an HR interview. Clearing these tests/assessments led to Mayon securing a PPO.

Mayon’s internship was similar to the role he got for HSBC. So, the work he did during his internship helped a lot because it was also in Mergers and Acquisitions, which was again the primary target of the case study they had given them. According to Mayon, the primary skill set required would be working on Excel because, in financial modelling, everything is done in Excel. Another crucial skill would be comprehending and analysing financial reports of companies. Along with these aspects, the team chosen for the case study competition plays a vital role in winning. The team should function like a well-oiled machine; participation from every member will help you put your best foot forward in the competition. So, Internship experience, Excel skills, financial modelling skills, and a strong team are the factors required to succeed in your competition.

Mayon is a computer science engineer with no work experience before MBA. He interned at Emids under the Mergers and Acquisitions sector, wherein he was actively involved in the integration phase of the two recent acquisitions. He got to work closely with the company’s integration head, which helped him tremendously and boosted his confidence in terms of dealing with clients. He got a deep understanding of how the M&A sector works.

Mayon suggests that the learnings you get as you participate in various case study competitions will be immense. Students in B schools usually don’t possess particular skill sets before MBA; we learn as we go. So, students will gain any input or knowledge as they get involved and participate in more competitions. The most crucial factor would be to not focus too much on the results of these competitions; give it your best and learn as you go, is what Mayon says. Lastly, Mayon would like to give one piece of advice to the junior batch is not to put too much stress on yourself. Just try and give your best in everything and learn as much as possible. Hard work is always the way to go, and it is the one thing that has always worked for him.

-Pournami Pradeepkumar, Media and PR Team

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