#43: PPO Chronicles- Sanad Meshram, Wipro

Sanad Meshram, a former engineering student, currently pursuing his MBA in Human Resources from SCMHRD, recalls his experience and hard work in achieving a pre-placement offer with WIPRO.

During his internship with WIPRO, Sanad had the opportunity to work on three different projects based out of Europe for a timeline of 2 months. The first project was concerned with the annual leaves policy that the company has. The second project was about the retirement and pension plans based on Wipro’s policy in Europe. Lastly, the third project focussed on expatriates’ policy in Europe dealing with school fee reimbursement policy for their children. Sanad had a team of three buddies who worked with him on these projects as a team for these projects.

As there were three projects, Sanad also got the experience of multi-tasking and stakeholder management. He took extra efforts to go above and beyond for the projects assigned to him, as a result of which he got an edge regarding getting a PPO. Since multiple projects were ongoing simultaneously, Sanad realized that it was crucial to plan the time allocation to give adequate attention to all the projects. He made sure of the same diligently, without compromising on the quality. 

Sanad is an engineering graduate from Mumbai, specializing in Electronics and Telecommunications. After which, he worked with Byju’s as a sales executive for about two months. He also explored the field of Sales and Marketing with Maxklick Interactive Media Pvt. Ltd., a service-based company. He has an overall work experience of ten months, including an internship in Human Resources, before joining SCMHRD. He acquired various skills such as negotiation, communication, confidence, and a thorough understanding of his projects which helped him secure a Pre Placement offer. 

Sanad believes that Human Resources is one of the essential aspects to ensure the smooth functioning of any organization. Even though the HR department doesn’t work at the forefront, managing the employees well is vital since they reflect everything an organization stands for. He gradually also learned about various verticals in the department and recognized his interest, particularly in talent management. 

Sanad had various valuable suggestions for his juniors to help them ace their internship period. He recommends being highly motivated during the short span of two months and avoiding getting complacent and nonchalant, even if one might occasionally feel saturated. What helped him the most was treating every day as “day one” of the internship since one tends to be on their toes and put in their best efforts, especially on the first day of the training. It is crucial to work on one’s time management skills since the time provided is usually not enough for deliverables. One might also need to do plenty of groundwork and research before the commencement of the internship period to stand out from the crowd. It is essential to clarify daily and overall objectives and not stray from them. According to him, one must consider every possible situation in which things might not go as planned and try to keep alternatives ready, keeping in mind the shortage of time.

Overall, Sanad believes that his experience during the internship period was irreplaceable and unprecedented and was possibly more than expected. He is also grateful for the support and guidance of his mentors and colleagues.

-Aakanksha Hajela, Media and PR Team

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