#42: PPO Chronicles- Rohit Thakur, VMWare

Rohit Thakur, Bachelor in Urban Planning from School of Planning and Architecture, currently pursuing his MBA in Infrastructure Development and Management, recalls his experience of landing a PPO with VMware through the case study competition.

The competition organized by VMware was regarding the post COVID working world, focussing on how the corporate and supporting industries’ structure would appear. Therefore, as a proposal, Rohit and his team developed a hybrid model which explored various aspects, such as how the change of hierarchies would affect the structure in work. This model also analyzed the change in real estate value and its implementation for the future. This proposal led Rohit to win a PPI with VMware, after which he converted this opportunity into a PPO.

His experience in the summer internship program with EY also helped him understand the corporate world better. He got the opportunity to handle two significant projects, during which he enhanced his problem-solving approach, which played an essential role in getting through the interview. The first project concerned inland water-based development for Kolkata, and the second was related to roads and highway infrastructure for Bangladesh. 

Hailing from the background of Urban Planning, Rohit had the chance to work for nine months before enrolling for MBA in SCMHRD. Out of those nine months, three months were spent in a consulting firm wherein he worked on the PMAY scheme and AMRUT scheme for Haryana and Chhattisgarh. His primary role was to formulate Geographical Information System (GIS) Based Master Plans for Haryana’s cities and identify different types of beneficiaries eligible for PMAY in Haryana and Chattisgarh. He spent the next six months working in an NGO passionately to research the migration pattern of construction laborers from around Jaipur and their struggle to come and adapt to city life. After all this, Rohit discovered his interests inclined towards the management side of infrastructure. Therefore, he decided to opt for MBA, even though he also wanted to pursue a Master in Economics from Delhi University. 

One has to go through case studies in most of the Urban Planning graduate course semesters, wherein identifying, analysing, and suggesting solutions to the problems was a crucial part of the process. According to Rohit, the same structured thought process and presentation are among the most critical aspects for a student who wishes to win a case study competition during MBA. 

Rohit also had some valuable suggestions for the junior batch in navigating through case study competitions and trying to score a PPI. One of them is being thorough with the knowledge about the company awarding PPI. He also suggested that one must start participating in competitions with utmost sincere dedication and not worry about failing. With every participation in a competition, one gradually enhances their skills. Also, it is not necessary to participate in case studies related to their field. One should also be open to exploring other competitions as well.

His advice to prepare for a PPI is to be thorough with your research and explore various platforms, such as podcasts, news articles, blogs, and more. Preparing a little every day and staying calm and diligent shall go a long way in your corporate career. 

Last but not least, Rohit emphasized that MBA is more than just theoretical learning. Therefore, it is essential to make good relations with people, not just connections. 

-Aakanksha Hajela, Media and PR Team

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