#41: PPO Chronicles- Krishnashish Jana, DXC Technology

Krishnasish, a resident of Kharagpur, West Bengal,graduated back in 2017 as an automobile engineer. He had a one-year stint with Accenture, followed by freelancing as an illustrator for almost a year and a half and simultaneously preparing for MBA as well. Krishnasish is also a digital illustrator and a published author.

At SCMHRD, Krishnasish secured a PPO after his summer internship with DXC Technology, an American multinational information technology (IT) services and consulting company. It was the first time that DXC technology was handling the internship program in India and the process and onboarding was very smooth and well organized. During his stint at DXC, his project involved designing a comprehensive employee handbook for Indian employees of the company, and for that, he had to interview the stakeholders ranging across the employee lifecycle and encapsulate every process starting from the onboarding to the offboarding of an employee. He was given two months, where three reviews were scheduled for the project divided into different stages. He had to report the progress and chart a plan for the coming weeks. As a delivery to his task, he designed an interactive handbook that can be used as an integration on the website, on central HR portals,and also physically. Multiple interactions with the director of HR and senior leadership made him feel like a part of the company where his voice was being heard.He was always treated as a part of the talent management team, and not just as an intern.

Krishnasish describes how one does not expect perfection from an intern but definitely expects professional ethics like meeting deadlines and following the plan of action. He further states that due to multiple reasons, the quality of work might drop at times, but the willingness to learn, be interactive, and ask questions instead of suppressing them gets noticed for an intern. Hence, leaving very little room for improvement for them to work on after the internship, thereby creating a long-lasting impression, helped him secure a PPO with DXC Technology.

For his juniors, Krishnasish advises them to brush up on their Microsoft Excel and PPT making skills. He also believes that one should try to be as creative as possible and bring something extra to the table to get highlighted in the crowd.

-Swati Chhabira, Media and PR Team

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