#40: PPO Chronicles- Sushant Barthwal, Vodafone Idea

Sushant Barthwal, an MBA student specializing in Marketingfrom the 2020-22 batch, secured a PPO from Vodafone Idea.

As per Sushant, the project was divided into two parts during his internship. The primary responsibility was to develop a digital customer experience framework to benchmark the digital customer experience offering of the various digital assets that Vodafone Idea Limited possesses. The second part of the internship was a live project related to Vodafone Idea’s e-commerce cloud products marketplace; he was acting as an intermediary between the advertising agency and product managers. The responsibility was to make sure that the colors, banners, text and other detailson the portal were per the company’s brand guidelines.

The overall experience of Sushant with Vodafone Idea Limited was enriching, as he mentioned that there were a plethora of opportunities and workshop sessions to help them understand and perform better in their roles. Also, in the organization, they used to have buddy connect sessions with their immediate seniors, who guided them on presenting their ideas and working on their project efficiently to secure PPOs. Sushant mentioned that there were 34 other interns, and everyone was involved in different projects, which helped in a lot of peer learning during his internship. He also stressed upon the leadership connect sessions that happened every fortnight where the leaders shared their experience about how they rose to senior positions in the organization and how the new generations should achieve their career goals.

Sushant is an electrical and communication engineer with experience of 35 months with Ernst and Young as an Associate Consultant. He believes that his previous work experience helped him perform better. It helped him understand how a corporate works in terms of meeting deadlines and interacting with various stakeholders and teams. A few insights that he gained are responsibility and accountability for all the tasks assigned and the discipline that came along with it.  

Sushant’s mantra of success for an internship was to break down your internship project into a smaller project and be in constant touch with your seniors to have better guidance for the assigned task. He mentioned breaking the larger projectinto smaller pieces and taking sign-off on those pieces on a weekly basis; this will help you track your progress as you will get constant feedback along with maintaining the efficiency and quality of your work. 

His advice to the junior batch is to work consistently on the project assigned to you. Never think of your competition; try to perform better each day, focus on your work and how you can deliver that work with high quality, and take constructive feedback from your mentors and seniors during the internship.

-Karan Jamnal, Media and PR Team

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