#4: PPO Chronicles- Parth Chhatrola, Vedanta

Parth Chhatrola, from the 2020-21 batch, a mechanical engineer with 26 months of work experience in Reliance Industries Limited and pursuing an MBA in Marketing, did his internship with Vedanta Limited. With the skillset he has developed during his graduation and working with Reliance Industries Limited, he believes he found the company he was looking for in Vedanta Limited.

Working for Vedanta Limited as a summer intern, Parth worked with the Cairn Oil & Gas vertical of Vedanta Limited. His project mainly revolved around the contract management of Vedanta Limited. He explained how Vedanta is at the forefront of assigning a complete contract to one particular agency and the future of contract management systems in the industries. With Vedanta leading the way in contract management systems, he got an excellent opportunity to work in the B2B domain, particularly in operations, where he had to design a framework for the contract management system.

The overall experience of Vedanta Limited was something he will never forget, as he was encouraged on each and every step of his internship by his anchor, who the organization appointed. Before assigning him work, he had introductory sessions with HR, who ensured that he understood the business functions across all the domains, which helped him during the internship. The work environment was extremely positive, with an open and transparent system to interact and connect with their anchors. During any problem or issue, it was quite easy to reach to anchors regardless of the time.

Having an open working environment proved beneficial for his internship as he could easily connect to anyone, which helped him succeed in projects he was assigned to by the organization. Also,

his prior work experience provided him with an added advantage as his managerial experience at Reliance regarding team-handling, coordinating with multiple departments, and carrying out mechanical activities helped him develop the framework of the contract management system with less difficulty. He believes that the experience gained at Reliance has provided him with an edge over others during the internship and has played a crucial role in converting the summer internship into a PPO.

Parth’s mantra of success is to have faith and belief in yourself. He believes that when you go out to find yourself, God also finds you. Opportunities will come. It will be more for someone, less for others. Focus on what you can achieve with the opportunity you get. An advice Parth would like to give to the Junior batch is that always trust yourself and back yourself in any situation. There will always be ups and downs in life. But life is a continuous learning process, and one should always have a learning curve to excel in life.

-Anu Lingfa, Media and PR Team

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