#4: PPO Chronicles- Ayushi Lad, Johnson & Johnson

Ayushi Lad from the 2019-21 batch, pursuing an MBA in Marketing, did her internship with DePuy Synthes which is a part of medical devices at Johnson & Johnson.

DePuy Synthes manufactures various implants that are used in surgeries like knee and hip replacement. The portfolio which Ayushi got to work with was the knee replacement implant in particular. Her project involved developing strategies and looking into suggestions that would increase the total number of patients who undergo total replacement surgery.

Ayushi is a fresher and had been looking forward to her first corporate stint. She is an engineer specialized in the field of Information Technology but even in 3rd year of graduation, she was aware that her actual interest lies in management. She went into her internship with a lot of expectations about working in an esteemed organization like Johnson & Johnson.

Telling us more about her experience, Ayushi says that while she had certain initial apprehensions, overall, she was able to have an amazing time. The very day the lockdown began, the HR had gotten in touch with all the interns and assured them that their internships wouldn’t be affected. It was one of the only organizations which faced no delays at the start of the internship. The onboarding period lasted 3 days, involving many engagement activities like treasure hunts. Johnson & Johnson has a very open culture where you can make an appointment with anyone over mail to get their views and opinions. It is also an organization that believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and the interns were also encouraged to do the same.

Based on some of the feedback Ayushi got from her mentors and guide, she believes that her most distinguishing factor was her proactiveness in the entire internship. As soon as her mentor was assigned, she got to asking about the pre-reading that would be required for her to do the best in the internship. Even in the course of the internship, Ayushi always looked for new ways to tackle things.

Smooth seas don’t make good sailors. There were many challenges that Ayushi had to overcome, some of them unprecedented due to the virtual mode of working. Marketing usually involves a lot of legwork where you go to meet and understand people, which proved near impossible due to the lockdown. Still, Ayushi was able to persevere and set up virtual interviews for her project with surgeons. At Johnson & Johnson, you cannot directly communicate with a patient, you need a mediator who is usually the surgeon. For this purpose, usually, a lot of networking events are planned for the surgeons, physicians, and patients. Some of Ayushi’s recommendations revolved around ways to improve them, she was very excited to try and implement some of them but that wasn’t possible due to the lockdown.

Some words of wisdom that Ayushi would like to share with the juniors is to never jump to the final conclusion in your project, perform your primary and secondary research and draw solutions from them. Pay heed to your mentors and guides, they have been in the field longer than you. And finally, build a never give up attitude even when things seem not to be going your way.

We wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

-Tania Liz Mathews, Media and PR Team

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