#39: PPO Chronicles- Rishav Ranjan, Wipro

Rishav Ranjan, B.com honors graduate from the 2020-22 batch pursuing his MBA in Human Resources, recalls his experience of landing a PPO with Wipro Limited.

Wipro Limited is an Indian multinational conglomerate with diverse businesses, including FMCG, lighting, information technology, and consulting. They harness the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics, and emerging technologies to help their clients adapt to the digital world and make them successful.

Rishav’s project entailed developing an internal communication strategy for America’s one strategic market unit. The deliverables of the project were huge and hence were divided into three parts. The first part of the project was about the employees’ onboarding experience in a particular region. The second stage involved developing a fully functional intranet portal for the internal communications within their units. The final step was to create their engagement charters in that intranet portal. Rishav was required to create a calendar of engagement charters on sustainability and diversity inclusion and develop an engagement strategy and activity list for the types of engagement campaigns held. Rishav considers this to be a holistic HR project as he got the opportunity to work on onboarding, internal communications, and employee engagement. 

Rishav’s overall internship experience was exceptional in terms of learning opportunities. Wipro presented a welcoming and engaging environment that enriched his experience at the company. He admires his mentor for appreciating his ideas and helping him throughout his journey. Employees were usually helpful and willing to give interviews, making Rishav’s research a little easier. He was also pleased with his progress since he completed the project’s financials and was operational within the company. Because he came from a commerce background, there were challenges in developing an internet SharePoint site, but the task became easy thanks to his supportive mentors.

Being a fresher, Rishav believes that staying in touch with mentors and taking necessary feedback will help you avoid mistakes. To impact the project, one must understand the deliverables and deliver them on time. During his graduation, Rishav worked as a social media intern for many companies playing a role as a creator and promoter. He has also managed and conducted many events for various clubs and committees. And once he was assigned to the internal communications project, where he had to frame all engagement activities, he incorporated his past learnings into this project. That played a huge role in getting an edge over others in obtaining a PPO.

A piece of advice that Rishav would like to give to the junior batch regarding their internship would be to not cling to a template of delivering what is required. He advises putting your heart and soul into finding a solution and being creative. He suggests learning Power BI and Excel to help create interactive dashboards. He also urges that you keep your spirits up, not lose motivation, and always feel free to share your thoughts with your superiors.

-Debabrata Biswal, Media and PR Team

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