#37: PPO Chronicles- Aditi Sharma, AB InBev

Aditi Sharma, from the 2020-2022 batch, pursuing her MBA in Human Resources, recounts how she secured a PPO with AB InBev.

AB InBev is a multinational beverage and brewing company committed to driving growth that improves people’s lives across the globe. Their commitment to helping farmers, retailers, entrepreneurs, and communities through brands and experiences bringing people together.

Aditi’s project revolved around analyzing the learning and development processes through extensive benchmarking across the industry. As part of her primary research, she reached out to people in various leadership roles to obtain insights on learning and development. She deep dived into research articles to gaugewhere the L&D subdomain is heading. Then, she focused on the as-is analysis of the internal processes at ABInBev and gathered insights from employees’ voice. After having analyzed the feasible solutions, Aditi proposed a structure that mapped the external skillsets with ABInBev’s internal L&D framework. She subsequently developed an end-to-end program outlining how various learning and development programs should be designed. She further improvised on an overall evaluation method for determining the efficacy of any L&D program.

The internship experience at AB InBev was a great value add toAditi’s MBA journey. She appreciates the supportive and amicable environment with able mentoring and robust leadership. She mentions how it is critical to have a frequent connect with the mentors. Aditi acknowledges that her internship journey was a steep learning curve. She got the opportunity to network with diverse stakeholders andbenchmark industry best practices. As a result, her recommendations were appreciated and considered for implementation.

Aditi leveraged her 2 years of work experience at Accenture toconnect with her team and stakeholders. What gave her an edge over others in securing a PPO was her inquisitiveness and creativity combined with frequent check-ins with seniors approaching the summer internship. She invested time in understanding the deliverables well in advance, which held her in good stead. Her proficiency in skill sets such as MS Excel, Powerpoint, and Power BI saved her time and effort during herinternship.

Aditi’s suggestion to the junior batch is to understand the assigned project charter well before starting to execute on the requirements. She feels that a strong footing is imperative to start with, and suggests comprehending the deliverables well, creating roadmaps, and further proceeding with them.

-Debabrata Biswal, Media and PR Team

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