#35: PPO Chronicles- Shardul Thorat, UltraTech Cement Ltd.

Shardul Thorat, from the MBA-IDM batch of 2019-2021, did his internship with UltraTech Cement Ltd.

Shardul participated in the competition organised by UltraTech named UltraTech India’s Next Campus Edition, 2019. There, the participants had to address any issue faced by the Infrastructure industry, and provide a solution for the same. He and his team were able to impress the panellists by the presentation they made, highlighting the problem and their solution to the same and they were able to bag a PPO.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Shardul’s internship was virtual. However, the mentor and mentor buddies allotted to him were phenomenal. They were ready to help him at any time of the day or even night and guided him in the best possible manner to accomplish the project assigned to him successfully. His project was E-Bidding Process roll out and as a deliverable of the project, UltraTech is now able to assign orders that need to be transported or delivered to the end user Digitally.

Shardul is an Instrumentation Engineer from Mumbai University, batch of 2016, after which he worked in a couple of companies, with a total work experience of 1 year and 6 months, before joining MBA. He feels that he got to learn a lot from his work experience, the benefits of which he was able to reap at UltraTech. He was able to develop good communication skills, understand the ways of maintaining healthy professional relationships and lastly, the art of getting the work done from others in an efficient manner.

He also states that a factor that plays a very important role in securing a PPO is one’s ability to impress his mentor. During his internship, he was able to impress not only his mentor, but also various dignitaries over his mentor. He believes that yet another factor that helped him secure a PPO was his competitive nature. Not towards others, but his determination to outperform himself. 

A major challenge faced by Shardul was his Internship being carried out in the virtual mode. Due to the same, his mentor and buddy had an extremely busy schedule. Therefore, there were times where he had to be precise while talking to them as he couldn’t extend the time of the meeting because of them having other commitments.

One advice that Shardul would like to give to the junior batch is that Communication is the key to success. Therefore, one should know what to communicate, when to communicate and how much to communicate. Because, only when one is able to communicate, he/she will be able to share their work with others and extract more information from them.

We congratulate Shardul for his achievement and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

-Vinayak, Media and PR Team

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