#35: PPO Chronicles- Ayushi Khurana, VOIS

Ayushi Khurana, an Economics graduate, found her place in the domain of Human Resources while interning with _VOIS (Vodafone Intelligent Solutions). Her consistency, focus, clarity of thoughts, and positive mindset eventually helped her secure a PPO at _VOIS.

Ayushi’s primary project was to conduct a market study on the concept of Permanent Work From Home & recommend key factors for readiness applicable to _VOIS. The project involved proposing a work from home model to ensure a seamless employee experience. It included all the processes, systems and policies that are a part of an employee journey in a Work from Home setup. 

Foremost steps to kickstart the project demanded her to understand the ongoing status of work from home at _VOIS, followed by identifying all the employee touchpoints right from their recruitment to exit, and beyond. For this, she conducted a gap analysis. She progressed in the same by interviewing HRs from both Indian and global teams and also HRBPs of various IT/ITES companies. In order to understand the employee’s POV better, she also analyzed all the employee related surveys, and personally verified their comments. Her previous experience from pursuing economics as a subject in her undergrad proved to work in her favor as she could better represent the qualitativedata from the surveys and give substantial data backed recommendations.

Ayushi describes her experience at the Explore InternshipProgram as the one of the most meaningful internship journeysone could have. She owes it to her exceptionally supportive mentor, buddy, and the team of HRBPs. Her mentor at _VOIS, who despite his own work commitments had daily catch ups with her throughout her internship tenure. He not just resolved her project related queries but ensured training her on the subjectknowledge related to other HR processes. Her regular meetings throughout the internship gave her an edge to discuss the feasibility of her recommendations. She describes the entire team of HRBPs as seamlessly approachable and supportive as she continued to work from home during the pandemic. The organization also encouraged fortnightly interactive sessions among all the Explore Interns to make them feel comfortable at the workplace. The supportive nature of Alums and HRs also made the internship a hassle-free experience by being a constant source of motivation & consistent in their feedback. The encouragement of her team reflected on the positive environment that _VOIS inculcates with their supportive & thoughtful employees, that Ayushi envisions to nurture later.

Ayushi believes that her good communication and her clarity of thought helped her secure a PPO. She promotes having a good communication channel that further enables you in building a better connect with other employees, voice your thoughts clearly& gives your recruiters a transparent purpose to have you intheir team and the organization. Besides good communication, she believes that her systematic way of approaching the project, which included setting smaller milestones and achieving them in time, helped her secure this opportunity. 

In her journey to securing a PPO, she courageously mentions to have had shown a blind-eye to all the unimportant issues, which in turn helped her stay in the right mental space & focused at all times during those two months. According to her, one would not have the same motivation every day while working on the project, on those days the conviction to constantly push oneself to achieve the assigned daily goals would help. There are days, she describes, where you may feel overwhelmed and worked upand in such cases she recommends to take a break till you are able to return with a better motivated version of yourself. 

A piece of advice that Ayushi would like to share with the junior batch is to build a strong HR network on LinkedIn. Her interaction with people from various sectors such as IT, FMCG and Pharmaceutical, helped her understand what was demanded from her during the internship. She firmly believes that having a good grip on preparing excellent presentations and skill to present the content with appropriate body language, especiallyin a work from home scenario is essential in the corporate world. Along with presentation skills, knowing how to back each recommendation with strong data points is essential. ‘Performing your work with the right temperament along with a strong understanding what the company wants and lastly communicating your thoughts well, will surely help you secure a PPO’, says Ayushi.

-Parth Patil, Media and PR Team

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