#34: PPO Chronicles- Siddharth Goel, Wipro Limited

Siddharth Goel, from the MBA batch of 2019-2021, specialising in Marketing, interned at Wipro Limited during his summer internship and successfully bagged a pre-placement offer.

He is an Electronics and Communications Engineer and has 26 months of work experience varying across different industries prior to the start of his MBA journey.

During his summer internship, Siddharth worked in the Reputation Management Division of Wipro. He was assigned a project that was related to the detection of frauds concerning COVID-19. His role entailed researching these financial frauds happening across various companies and sectors during the pandemic and looking out for the factors that might tarnish the reputation of an organisation. Finally, the project required of him to devise a plan that would provide the solution to the organisations which are stricken by these financial frauds and measures to be undertaken to prevent them from these scams.

Siddharth believes that it is essential to meet and interact with people in person. But, with the internship held in a virtual set-up due to the pandemic, there were certain challenges he faced that would not have existed had the internship happened offline. There were hindrances in terms of setting up the virtual desktops and fixing meetings. However, every one put in their best efforts to efficiently communicate with one another.

It was a blessing in disguise for him to be associated with a mentor who not only helped him in his project deliverables but also guided him on ways to improve and gather new skills. His mentor was extremely supportive of his work and gave him suggestions for all the queries. He was, thus, able to build a good relationship with him as well as the other team members. The organisation too made sure that the interns felt at work through regular online interactions and various ice-breaking sessions with the leadership of Wipro.

He believes working on the ground and getting hands dirty gives maximum learning. A piece of advice he would like to give to his juniors is to get to the bottom of the problem, research well and communicate insights by building up a story.

Lastly, keep a positive attitude, listen and be as open as possible to learn new skills such as business analytics and data mining as understanding data is quintessential for every working individual.

We wish Siddharth the best of luck in all his future endeavours.

-Nitika Jain, Media and PR Team

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