#34: PPO Chronicles- Saatvik Dhawan, Indus Valley Partners

Saatvik Dhawan, specializing in Finance from the 2020-22 batch, secured a PPO through the case study competition, which Indus Valley Partners organized. Indus Valley Partners is a leading provider of technology solutions and consulting services to the alternative investment industry. 

Saatvik is an Electronics and Communication Engineer who has a work experience of 13 months in an analytics company. He believes that his work experience in analytics aided him in obtaining a PPO.

Saatvik recalls his experience competing in the fin Valley 5.0 competition conducted by Indus Valley Partners, where the case study focused on hedge funds. The first round of the competition was the campus round, which must be qualified to advance to the national phase. The round was centered on the risk associated with derivatives and margins, requiring extensive research. The next round included a case study presentation and the creation of a dashboard with Tableau and Power BI. It was a research-based competition in which Saatvik had to develop flow charts and come up with a solution to a problem statement.

He believes that his analytics work expertise helped him design dashboards and execute things in a more structured and systematic manner. He also emphasizes the necessity of MS Excel and how the substance must take precedence over the presentation’s style in a competition like this. When in the final round of competition, one must prioritize the content and avoid miscommunication when delivering it. According to Saatvik, before presenting a pitch, it is necessary to prepare it and articulate concepts.

Saatvik’s advice to the junior batch for case study competitions is to take them seriously, regardless of whether they are research-based or problem-solving in nature. He also advocates contacting college faculty mentors or industry leaders and asking them to suggest changes in the final presentation if necessary. 

-Debabrata Biswal, Media and PR Team

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