#33: PPO Chronicles- S Snehaa, UltraTech Cement Ltd.

S. Snehaa, from the MBA-IDM batch of 2019-2021, did her internship with UltraTech Cement Ltd.

Snehaa has completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering from the College of Engineering, Guindy. Ultratech launched Ultratech India Next – Campus Edition in July 2019. She was a part of the team which secured a position as national finalists. In this competition, they picked the problem related to Infrastructure in any city of their choice and come up with the solution. This opportunity brought them a Pre-Placement Offer for a summer internship with Ultratech.

The entire period of the internship was in a virtual platform. Regardless of the virtual scenario, Snehaa made sure to perform her best to bag the Pre-Placement offer. Her project revolved around the potential of inbound and outbound transportation. Her internship project dealt with Supply Chain operations in cost optimization and efficient logistics. This experience groomed an intern towards the supply chain and logistics of the cement industry. She was determined to bag her Pre- Placement Offer by performing her best and showcase her calibre in an organization such as UltraTech.

Snehaa was provided with a mentor and a buddy, they helped and supported her throughout her internship in getting to know the nuances of the cement industry and clear her doubts. Snehaa figured to perform excellently with the help of her buddy and mentor’s guidance. Being in the virtual set up, they were patient to help her adapt to the culture and make the process smoother. Working in the online set up was challenging for her, from collecting data to coordinating with the team members, Snehaa overcame the challenges with persistence and constant efforts. Snehaa defines the work culture in the organization as supportive and helpful, this motivated her to bag the Pre-Placement offer from her internship.

After finishing her internship, Snehaa got the opportunity to appear for a Pre-Placement Interview. She was thorough with her project and made sure to bag the offer. Her hard work and persistence brought great results, hence she secured Pre-Placement Offer. She solely believes her hard work and determination brought her the edge in receiving the Pre-Placemat Offer.

One suggestion that Snehaa gives to the junior batch is to never lose sight of the goal since the internship will have its challenges eventually. An internship will have its ups and downs, and overcoming them is part of the journey.

We wish her best of luck in all her future endeavours.

-Garima Chauhan, Media and PR Team

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