#33: PPO Chronicles- Ankita Arya, Unacademy

Ankita Arya from Batch 2020-22, specializing in Human Resources, got the opportunity to intern with Unacademy, which eventually led to a Pre-Placement Offer with the same company. Unacademy is one of India’s largest online learning applications democratizing access to high-quality education.

At Unacademy, she got a remarkable opportunity to work with the HR VP of the Sales department. Her project was to map the first 100-day journey of a business development executive and identify and rectify any gaps hindering their productivity. She divided her project into three parts – engagement, training, and attrition. She aimed to understand the areas of failure in the engagement activities, introduce new activities, improve the training programs and bring down attrition. To do so, she underwent the training program to comprehend the pain points of the program. She interviewed both current and ex-employees to determine the reasons behind productivity issues. Her efforts came to fruition when she was able to identify the patterns and could map out the failures and causes. She introduced a new feedback survey system and improved the on-ground training and sessions on handling harassment during calls.

Unacademy provided her with a very welcoming environment and a great experience. Many thought-provoking interactions with the manager and his teammates. Her bond with the team was further enhanced with the fun-filled initiatives taken by her manager. The project was challenging but made a lot more manageable by the constant support and guidance.

She has completed her honors in economics from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. During this stint, she interned as an HR in talent acquisition. This experience furthered her interest in human resource management and provided her with various skills that she utilized during the Unacademy internship.

To the juniors, she says that there will be many situations that may seem dire and impossible. The most important thing is to have faith and confidence in oneself. Do not chase after the PPO, and give it not just your hundred percent but rather five hundred percent.

-Suvrata G, Media and PR Team

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