#32: PPO Chronicles- Vishal L, Nivea

Vishal L completed his engineering in Electronics and Communication post which he worked for two and half years in his core field. After gaining some work experience, Vishal set off on his new journey of MBA, where he decided to study marketing in detail. His enthusiasm towards the field helped him bag a PPO with Nivea, where he interned during the summers.

Vishal’s internship highly focused on sales, and it was based around different categories of Nivea stores. The approach to boost sales for different categories was different. Vishal was assigned the challenging task of designing a strategic plan to boost sales for a particular category of stores, specifically for the southern region. He also worked on one more project that focused on digitization, where he handled the online portal from where the retailers could place their orders directly to Nivea.

Vishal’s internship was essentially online, but he put in the additional work to visit the stores in his city to get a better picture. His dedication towards the internship and will to learn and explore without fearing the dreadful pandemic helped him propose innovative ideas and deliver extraordinary results. His frequent visit to the stores and interaction with the retailers helped him design a more effective plan as compared to his colleagues, which in turn helped him secure a PPO with the company. He also felt that his work experience helped him a lot during his internship. Apart from that, he also took up the initiative and put to work the projects that helped the company overcome the pandemic effect.

Vishal’s thoroughly enjoyed working with Nivea during the internship. He got an opportunity to interact with higher-level executives from different verticals, and he found it very convenient to communicate his ideas to them directly. He was thrilled when his proposed plans were taken into consideration and were implemented by the company, which boosted his morale further. He also developed a good rapport with his buddy mentor and always put his curious hat on and asked relevant questions. 

Vishal’s advice to the junior batch for securing a PPO is to not work to secure a PPO. Instead, look for learning opportunities, work hard and be proactive and take up the initiative yourself. He also added that one should interact with as many people as possible as something new to learn from everyone.

-Priyanshi Shah, Media and PR Team

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