#32: PPO Chronicles- Suraj Kulkarni, Virtusa

Suraj Kulkarni from the batch of 2019-2021, MBA (Business Analytics) successfully attained a PPO at Virtusa, Information Technology Company by taking part in a competition organised by them.

As an undergraduate, Suraj studied BE at Visvesvaraya Technological University. Subsequently, he worked at Tesco as a Senior Analyst which provided him with a work experience of almost 4 years.

The competition primarily focused on selecting and further hiring people with the knowledge of AI and ML particularly. Ergo, the first round of the competition involved python programming which was a little challenging for Suraj to grasp at the early stage, later catching up with it flourishingly. He then thrived onto the next round being one of the three candidates to have been selected from SCMHRD. The later stage of the competition revolved around solving real time case studies. In this round, there was a required participation of teams consisting of 2 students pursuing MBA and 3 students from the field of Engineering.

He provided insights into the case/subject of the competition and enlightened about the insurance companies and healthcare payers and providers along with their functions. His role, in this case, was to construct a solution with the involvement of AI and ML while making it easier for the fund payers to decide which application will be accepted or denied upon being reviewed amongst the millions of others. 

Along with this came a lot of challenges that made way into this process of finding an appropriate solution. Since the entire case was built around the insurance policies of the USA, it was exigent to fit them into the scenario at first. Evidently, data consisting of client information was not easily accessible to them due to confidentiality issues so the team had to base their solution on findings from the government websites.

Due to the entire process being online, he could only get in touch with his mentor on very particular occasions. However, his mentor was very supportive, technically sound and directed him at every moment. Also, the situation being based online was also very convenient in terms of the work timings. 

The one thing that set him apart from the others was that he started working on the case with utmost enthusiasm the moment he received it. It obviously made his mentor happy and impressed with his dedication. The advice Suraj would give out to others is work with persistence and dedication. He also stated that one would face issues throughout the journey but shouldn’t give up. The presentations should always be well prepared and one should be ready for questions through practice by asking oneself questions before any presentation.

We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

-Urvashi Sharma, Media and PR Team

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