#31: PPO Chronicles- Kunal Roy, Wipro Limited

Kunal Roy, from the 2019-21 batch, pursuing an MBA in Human Resources, did his summer internship with Wipro and secured a pre-placement offer.

 Before joining the MBA program, Kunal pursued a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering and has 2 years of experience in running an NGO which empowers children.

 Beginning his internship in the health business unit, Kunal was initially assigned a project on nurturing growth culture in the organization which later changed to improving areas of work from home from an HR perspective, as it was a more pressing issue during the pandemic. He had to understand and look for methods to make work from home seamless for employees and suggest ways to increase their efficiency. Since 90% of Wipro’s workforce was shifted to work from home, he had carried out extensive basic primary research and then explored the pain points as to how to address them. Besides, he assisted the HR team with day-to-day activities and designed the engagement calendar.

 Management at Wipro did not shy away to assign responsibilities to interns from day one, which gave Kunal an idea about how its work culture was. He was empowered to do work and encouraged to give out suggestions for improving his way of work. He also had the opportunity to work on side projects with other teams. The mentors and the employees were extremely helpful. The design thinking sessions helped him a lot and with Wipro backing him up on every stage of the project, he was able to complete his work without much hassle. With the entire internship being held online, Wipro did its best to keep the interns well engaged that kicked off with a three-day induction program that allowed them to observe and interact with the firm’s personnel.

 According to Kunal, the biggest challenge he faced during the internship was the communication gap which was raised from the work from home setting as one needs to rely on the one-to-one communication. However, he feels that it is important to be resilient during the challenging times and try to focus on the work even though the occasional hiccups.

Kunal’s perspective on trying to grasp a PPO is to keep your eyes on the results and not the prize. Interns should not be distracted by the idea of a PPO and focus on the task allotted and try to do their best to give results that are tangible, concrete and ones that the company would appreciate.

His advice to the juniors is to know the basics of the project and getting to know more about it through research and base the recommendations through research. He feels that firms look for someone who can accommodate the company’s culture and has a good grasp on working with a plan. He believes one should know how to present oneself that they can be the future employee of that company.

We congratulate Kunal and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

-Durgadas Pande, Media and PR Team

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