#30: PPO Chronicles- Payal Shivram, Vi

Payal Shivram, from the MBA batch of 2019-2021, specialising in Marketing did her internship with Vodafone Idea Limited (Vi).

Prior to her MBA, Payal pursued Electronics and Communication Engineering from NIT, Surat and has three years of work experience in IT background.

During her stint in Vi, Payal worked on a Marketing Analytics project that entailed enhancing a recommendation model to upsell and cross sell to a customer along with benchmarking globally with top companies worldwide. She collected data through intensive primary and secondary researches that targeted a very specific audience. She understood the current model and its functions and thus, recommended the appropriate plans and subscriptions suitable to enhance the business. She made sure that all the recommendations she made were backed by accurate reasoning. She also worked on big data and advanced analytics techniques and performed sentiment analysis on the data extracted from Social media which helped to drive the research in the precise direction.

The work culture at Vi as Payal explained provided her with great flexibility to explore and work on the projects in a way that felt appropriate to her. The people she interacted besides her mentor and buddy, all were friendly and approachable. Vi conducted various Leadership talks with mentors across verticals, which helped her understand the culture at Vi from the business perspective as well as from the technical perspective focusing on the technologies that the company practices to make itself future-ready.

Owing to the virtual mode of the internship, there were certain challenges in gathering the data for the research. Nonetheless, Payal took that as an opportunity and interacted with as many people within and outside the organisation to gather insights useful to her for her project. She worked hard and made sure to learn new technologies and gain as many new insights as she can at each day of her internship.

Payal believes that the most crucial aspect that made her achieve success in the internship is to stay relevant to what is going to add the value to the company as well as staying relevant to her specialisation. She also highlighted that communication skills matter a lot as one should be able to put their thought across the leaders at the organisation.

She would strongly advise the juniors, firstly, to back each step in the project with apt reasoning. Secondly, to make formal and professional PPTs during the presentations and lastly, to just be yourself, which might help make one culturally fit in the organisation.

We congratulate Payal for all the hard work and dedication that she put in her work which made her bag the pre-placement opportunity at Vi and wish her best of luck for all her future endeavours.

-Nitika Jain, Media and PR Team

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