#30: PPO Chronicles- Hardik Tejani, Schlumberger

Hardik Tejani, an Electrical Engineer, found his footing in the domain of Analytics during his two-year tenure at Thomson Reuters, where he performed Data Analysis for global trade implementations. The developed fondness for Analytics paved the way for Hardik to pursue an MBA in Business Analytics. With the knowledge amassed during his studies and previous work experience, he successfully landed a PPO after his summer internship at Schlumberger.

Interning at Schlumberger, Hardik was a part of two projects. The first project was related to proof of concept for machine learning operations, in brief POC for ML Ops, which aimed at automating the entire CI/CD pipeline. The project involved training a machine learning model which can be continuously deployed on the servers, making it an automated process. During this project, he successfully created a POC, a working example for ML Ops, and delivered a presentation in the team meeting on how to automate the whole process of ML Ops. Hardik’s second project was related to the feasibility study of Google Coral.ai having an Edge TPU coprocessor used on the edge devices such as CCTV cameras that do not have their own computational power. The project involved the feasibility study of Google Coral.ai, Edge TPU, which involved testing its accuracy, speed, requirements, deployment and how it can be beneficial to Schlumberger. For testing it, Hardik prepared a few deep learning models and implemented those using Edge TPU to check whether we could use it to get quicker results, which he successfully implemented effectively and efficiently.

Talking about his overall experience with the company, he got exposure to the technical and managerial sides by taking over technical projects and managing the timeline while coordinating with the team members. He also talks about the company’s work culture and how welcoming it was. They invited interns to every meeting, demonstrating transparency throughout the internship journey. A supportive team culture helped him deliver more during his time at Schlumberger. Being virtual, casual Friday meetings, getting pizza coupons, and participating in fun quizzes helped him balance workload and enjoyment, resulting in a fruitful experience. Sometimes he had to put in extra hours because the problem statements were very complex, but the team manager ensured that team members helped him solve the problems. So the team culture and support from the higher management were beneficial for him to gain confidence and deliver the project.

Hardik truly believes that his previous work experience has given him an edge over others during the internship because of his hands-on experience of the working environment and what it demands to perform the task diligently. He completed the assigned work within the stipulated timeframe by breaking down the process and handling one thing at a time, which also helped him manage the complexity of the projects. Further, he believes that having a dynamic and zealous approach towards work played a crucial role in securing a PPO. 

A piece of advice Hardik would like to give the junior batch is to understand the business outcome of the company and make yourself aware of the bigger picture, as it will help you fit in the company accurately. Coming from a non-IT background didn’t stop me from taking complex projects/problem statements, which were relatively new to the world of Business analytics. Delivering to the best you can increase the probability of getting a PPO. Being consistent and having a positive attitude towards solving the problem will help you create an impact that will be beneficial in the long term.

-Anu Lingfa, Media and PR Team

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