#3: PPO Chronicles- Vipul Agrawal, AB InBev

Vipul Agrawal from MBA Batch 2020-2022, specializing in Human Resource Management, secured a Preplacement Offer in AB In Bev while interning with the same company.

Vipul pursued his MTech in Construction engineering after doing his Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli.  He went on to work as a planning engineer in Larsen & Toubro for around fifteen months before switching his job to join an HR consultancy firm, where he developed his interest in HR. He then decided to opt for Human resources as a further career option, and after working in that domain for nine months, he finally decided to pursue MBA. 

During his summer internship in AB In Bev, Vipul’s project was to analyze the qualitative data for a Global engagement survey conducted annually by the company. His role required analyzing around sixteen thousand comments collected across the globe in various languages. It needed him to develop a code in python that could translate the regional languages, bifurcate the data into multiple categories and then import the data using Power BI.  Although with no prior experience in this domain, Vipul performed his best and secured a PPO. When asked about his mantra for success, he says his ability to communicate with his mentors helped him meet the company’s expectations.

He is thankful for the flexible work culture that gave him enough time to work on the shortcomings and a supportive mentor who helped him get meaningful insights about the project that helped Vipul deliver his project with perfection and on time as required by the company.

One thing that he would like to suggest to his juniors is to manage their time well. He emphasizes the importance of working on the project in advance and learning the required skill before the project starts, as the part of the project is to learn and implement the tools to one’s advantage and not to learn them during the internship. He focuses on the importance of regular interaction with one’s mentor and regular feedbacks.

When asked about his mantra for success, he says his ability to communicate with his mentors and consistent efforts helped him meet the company’s expectations

-Charvee Agarwal, Media and PR Team

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