#29: PPO Chronicles- Philip John, Cisco

Philip John, from the 2019-21 batch, pursuing an MBA in Human Resources, interned with Cisco for his summer internship.

A B.Com graduate in International Finance, Philip had two months of internship experience in Human Resources working at Siemens. He got the opportunity to appear for an interview for Cisco when the company visited the campus for its Blizzard competition and conference and handpicked a select few students from the vast talent pool at SCMHRD.

Cisco provided Philip with umpteen opportunities to interact with the senior leadership including interacting with the Head of Total Rewards of Cisco UK and presenting his recommendations to her.

Philip got the opportunity to experience the incredible culture at Cisco first hand and he tells us that the entire culture is based on mutual respect and amicability and moulding the employees in a similar fashion.

Cisco has been the pioneer of the work from home model and thus the transition to the virtual mode of the internship was seamless for the interns. His project was about evaluating Cisco India benefits offerings and establishing a communication strategy for Total Rewards and providing recommendations for the same. This project involved interacting with stakeholders and benchmarking practices from the industry. Another one of his projects was to survey a sample of people managers to understand the gap in current benefits in driving overall business goals and appropriately design targeted benefits to match the needs of workplace demographics and gather insights based on the segmented approach. He also did a study on the current mental health and well-being benefits useful in a post-coronavirus world and provided recommendations for the same.

A continuous evaluation process helped him tremendously in gaining valuable feedback and refining his project deliverables. He believes that his tendency to ask a lot of questions in order to deliver solutions in alignment with the company standards, maintain connections with a lot of people and view problems from multiple approaches enabled him to come up with unique solutions and make a mark.

Philip would like to thank his mentor, buddy, fellow interns as well as members of the People and Communities team at Cisco for helping him every step of the way, supporting him throughout his internship, and making the transition to the virtual mode seem comfortable.

He would like to advise the junior batch to firstly view the business problem of your project from a variety of lenses such as the business lens, people lens, and HR lens so as to develop a unique understanding of the problem and gain perspective. Secondly, he advises the interns to connect with people within and outside the organization which would be of help in data collection while benchmarking and interacting with stakeholders. Lastly, he encourages interns to have fun throughout the internship journey and cherish it.

We wish him the very best for all his future endeavours.

-Vaishnavi Tatpal, Media & PR Team

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