#29: PPO Chronicles- Hemant Goenka, HSBC

Hemant Goenka developed a penchant for Finance during his B. Com graduation years, which persuaded him to build and develop a career in the field of Finance. According to Hemant, with the help of Finance, he was able to relate the finance concepts with day-to-day activities practically. It eventually encouraged him to pursue MBA in Finance where, with his knowledge and prior experience, he was able to secure a summer internship in HSBC STG.

Interning at HSBC STG, Hemant was a part of a strategic transaction group that works for investment banking deals. His long-term project was related to the supply chain industry, the trends in the market, and the major players associated with it. Apart from that long-term project, he was also involved in making sales pitchbooks for companies. They also had access to the HSBC database, which was not available to previous interns, and it was relatively a big deal to have that while doing the project. Hemant further adds that he was skeptical about the virtual internship at first, as working in a physical environment allows easier communication with peers, mentors, managers, or anyone else. However, he never felt that he was working in a virtual setup as they were an integral part of the regular team meets and interacted with almost every team member. They also had coffee sessions probably every Saturday and Sunday, which provided an excellent platform for him to engage with everyone.

Talking about the work culture of HBSC, Hemant emphasizes how they give supreme importance to employee well-being. They focus significantly on mental health by floating regular emails about employee well-being. It’s entirely up to the employees if they want to work on the weekends, and if the work pressure is high, one can even talk to others and delegate the work through the proper channel. 

Having prior work experience in a corporate gifting firm, AasthaGifting Solutions, for around 24 months, Hemant believes it played a crucial role, or rather an added advantage, in securing a PPO. The work done over two years there developed a sense of professionalism in his work which proved to be extremely beneficial while interning at HSBC STG. Also, his journey from a trainee to Junior Manager at Aastha Gifting Solutions provided exposure to different working roles and dealing with various problems at different levels. Also, the skills developed during previous work experience like communication and writing professional emails proved to be very useful while working on projects at HSBC STG and delivering his best which helped him bag the PPO.

Hemant’s mantra of success, a quote by his mentor he follows religiously, is that perseverance, passion, and practice pave the road to success. He believes these 3 P’s to be his pillars or core values. He strongly believes that one should be fully committed and passionate about their work. Apart from that, he acknowledges that staying loyal to your work and giving maximum effort in fulfilling it will surely fetch positive results. Also, he highlights the importance of networking which plays a crucial role in any organization. Hence, focus on networking with people while staying dedicated and passionate about your work, and you will sail through the internship.

-Anu Lingfa, Media and PR Team

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