#28: PPO Chronicles- Pratiksha Mishra, Wipro

Pratiksha Mishra from Batch 2020-22, specializing in Human Resources, got the opportunity to intern with Wipro, which eventually led to a Pre-Placement Offer with the same company. The covid-19 pandemic urged companies to adapt and deploy a hybrid model, a flexible workplace model designed to support distributed workforce of both in-office and remote workers. She was given the project to come up with Employee Engagement and retention strategies in hybrid workplace. 

Pratiksha approached this task by developing a Gantt chart about how she will approach her project step by step. After understanding how exactly employee engagement looks like inthe corporate world, she compared it with the existing process at Wipro. She approached this project by first understanding the current process followed by analyzing the industry trends, and further designed a framework, and then providedrecommendations accordingly.

She divided the project into four phases- internal surveys, internal qualitative interviews, external surveys, and external qualitative interviews. The Internal surveys and interviews enabled her to analyze significant challenges and gaps of Wipro’s engagement activities. The external surveys and qualitative interviews provided her with insights about employee engagement activities through various industries. She analyzed the survey data through various metrics to gauge the effectiveness of current engagement activities and to find gaps accordingly and created dashboards for closing the loop so as to understand the collective feedback. She developed a framework which was names as STEP G model which further helped her in drawing recommendations. 

Her internship experience was smooth as she received guidance throughout the internship from her mentor, and this mentorship buddy program at Wipro enabled her to excel at the internship.

She had done undergraduate in BBA and had interned at Yamaha in the learning & development department. That experience was an added benefit as she developed the skills to engage and communicate with blue-collar personnel.

Her advice to the juniors is to build their thought process in such a manner that focuses more on the methodology and approach to develop strategies. By emphasizing each detail and working hard throughout the process, one can achieve tangible and executable results.

-Suvrata G, Media and PR Team

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