#28: PPO Chronicles- Navyaa Chandel, Wipro Limited

Navyaa Chandel from the 2019-21 batch, pursuing an MBA in Human Resources, did her internship with Wipro Limited.

Navyaa has a B.Tech in Biotechnology and Wipro was her first corporate stint for which she had been eagerly looking forward since she got selected as a part of the WiSE 2020 Programme. Her project was based on the creation of learning journeys for HRBP. It was a very niche project as it involved a very targeted segment of the audience. Her task involved the creation of learning journeys for two entry levels, laterals and campus hires, to help them develop the competencies required for the job.

Wipro from the very beginning had made sure that all the interns were connected via “Coffee Circles” which served as a learning and connecting platform for the interns and alumni. The WiSE 2020 Programme was a complete package for the interns to get the complete Wipro Experience from the Project Management Workshops to Fun Baking Sessions. The mentors and the team helped the interns feel valued, responsible, and cared for. They had regular opportunities to talk and connect with the senior leadership and understand Wipro better.

Navyaa feels that Wipro provided her with holistic learning which included both academic and real-life lessons. The ability to adapt and perform in a virtual environment was one of the paramount lessons she was able to learn here. Along the journey she learned the art of managing and interacting with various stakeholders, setting goals and timeline, and delivering a fruitful and impactful piece of work

What set her apart was her curiosity and eagerness to ask questions to understand all the stakeholders involved. She took regular weekly feedback from her mentor and used the feedback to improve and perfect her work. Of course, she had her hurdles to overcome too, being a fresher, she had to work harder to understand the organizational structure and dynamics and the uniqueness of her project made her have to dig deeper and research.

What Navyaa would like the juniors to take away from her experience is to have unwavering focus, integrity, and passion for your work. She adds that while working on the project it is of absolute necessity to talk and understand the views and opinions of all the stakeholders. Keep asking questions, they will lead you in the right direction.

-Tania Liz Mathews, Media and PR Team

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