#27: PPO Chronicles- Syed Sharique Hassan, Capgemini

Syed Sharique Hassan, from the MBA batch of 2021, currently specialising in Finance, interned and secured a PPO at Capgemini.

His internship required for him to handle two projects. The first project was related to InsurTech. InsurTech deals with the use of technology to further improve the working of the insurance company. Sharique had to find the areas where further innovation could be brought and chalk out the way ahead for the InsurTech sector.

The second project called for Sharique to build a model that would digitize the process by which the small businesses could get insurance. The central idea of the project was to show the use of API technology. APIs reduce the time to fill the application form and help in faster data validation. Therefore, Sharique targeted the restaurant business and made use of API to accelerate the form filling procedure and validate the data. The sole reason for Sharique to target the food and hospitality industry was that it was the worst hit by the pandemic and otherwise made a significant contribution towards the growth of the economy.

Sharique graduated with B. Com from Delhi University. Being a fresher, Sharique left no stone unturned to gather as much knowledge and experience as he could, which helped him broaden his horizon. These served as the basis for Sharique to secure a PPO at Capgemini.

Therefore, a piece of advice that Sharique would like to give to the Junior Batch is that one should always be open to new learnings and never go to work with a closed mind. This is because every day brings new challenges and learning opportunities and keeping an open mind towards the same enables a person to enhance his/her skill set and develop their full potential.    

Due to the pandemic, the internship had to be carried out virtually. Sharique felt had the internship would not have been virtual he would have connected with a lot more people at the office which would have helped him to understand the work culture of the company better. Nevertheless, due to his continuous dedication, hard work and vigour to move forward, Sharique was able to overcome all obstacles and emerge triumphantly.

We wish Sharique all the best in his future endeavours.       

-Jigyasa Malaviya, Media and PR Team

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