#27: PPO Chronicles- Meghna Sharma, Tata Consumer Products

Meghna Sharma, an Economics honours graduate from the 2020-22 batch pursuing her MBA in Human Resources, recalls her experience of landing a PPO with Tata Consumer Products Ltd.

Tata Consumer Products Ltd is a fast-moving consumer goods company and a subsidiary of the Tata Group. It was formed when the consumer products business of Tata Chemicals Ltd. merged with Tata Global Beverages Ltd.

As a summer intern, Meghna’s project focused on overall skill framework development, which included understanding the job structure, various job roles, hierarchy, and performing skill gap analysis. Tata Consumer Products has five major departments: Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Legal department, and Research and Development department, and for each department, She had to comprehend the job roles and create an effective competency dictionary for the various skills required optimally. She was also responsible for skill mapping, skill gap analysis, and recommendations on bridging the gap between an agile team and what they are now.

The overall journey Meghna had at Tata Consumer Products was a rollercoaster ride. She was battling COVID and had to be sequestered in a room to work, but the learning from the project was enormous. Despite being a Fresher, she blended in well with the company’s culture. When given a task, she used to break down the project into phases and focus on the urgent and necessary tasks. Meghna also expresses gratitude to her stakeholders and mentors for their assistance throughout this journey. She believes that staying in touch with mentors is essential since they help streamline your overall perspective and become more company-specific. She also believes that there are no shortcuts, and you must put forth a significant amount of effort to make the difficulties worthwhile.

Meghna believes that her educational background in Economics aided her in understanding the company’s financial statements, valuation, and business terms. She was very specific about her deliverables and what was expected during the internship. To attain success in anything, one must look at it from a third-person perspective, as Meghna did. She had trained herself to question whether she was doing the right thing and to look at things differently, which helped her gain a PPO over others. Her ability to split tasks into phases and complete work systematically and orderly while focusing on essential details made her internship a memorable experience.

A piece of advice that Meghna would like to give to the junior batch regarding their internship would be to be creative and be open-minded with everything they put up. There should be no stress throughout the internship, and it should not be treated as a game-changer. Instead, it should be kept easy.

-Debabrata Biswal, Media and PR Team

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