#26: PPO Chronicles- Rajshree Sen, ABG

Rajshree Sen, from the 2019-20 batch, pursuing an MBA in Human Resources, did her summer internship with Aditya Birla Group under the Aditya Birla Group Leadership Program.

Dynamic, talented, and ambitious, Rajshree, was the first person from the entire SCMHRD batch of 2019-20 to receive a PPO.

With her graduation in Computer Science Engineering and 10 months of experience working at a healthcare company, Rajshree got the opportunity to intern at ABG by winning the ABG Headstart competition.

ABG provided Rajshree with a plethora of learning opportunities, access to online courses, webinars by industry experts and leaders, simulation games and engagement activities like fun social media challenges and happy hours. The company made sure that the interns have a great experience despite the challenges of the virtual internship.  The company also ensured that the interns were at ease with their managers and team.

Right from the start, she worked on developing a solid understanding of her project domains and started interacting with the respective stakeholders. Her projects during the internship were on Organizational Structure Benchmarking to suggest structural changes, performing Productivity Analysis through Time Motion study for optimization, automation framework and manpower estimation methods, and creating a dashboard for central visibility of automation, job analysis, and manpower demand drivers. 

A tool that Rajshree used extensively while working on her projects was the status tracker to keep a tab on the progress of all her projects and activities which enabled her to understand the impact of her solutions and provided her with a sense of clarity and perspective.

Rajshree would like to thank her manager and mentor at ABG immensely for supporting and encouraging her throughout her internship.

She firmly believes that there is no secret formula for success and that hard work and perseverance pay off in the long run. She credits her ability to work hard, understand her project well and gain a wide perspective of the problem at hand, deliver solutions that are easy to understand and implement, and her active participation in all activities with achieving the coveted PPO.

 A piece of advice that she would like to give the junior batch with regard to their internships would be to take part in all the engagement activities planned by the company wholeheartedly and enthusiastically. These activities are often used to know the interns better. Also, ensure that you make the best use of all the available infrastructure and opportunities provided to you during the course of your internship.

We wish her the very best for all her future endeavours.

-Vaishnavi Tatpal, Media & PR Team

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