#26: PPO Chronicles- Akshi Panwar, Vodafone Idea

Akshi started her journey towards being a human resources manager after completing her bachelor’s in computer science and engineering. She interned with Vodafone Idea, where her excellent skills helped her secure a PPO.

During her internship, Akshi got the opportunity to work on different projects, including increasing the employer branding of Vodafone Idea on LinkedIn and increasing employee engagement n their intranet portal. She ensured to grab every opportunity she got. Her curiosity helped her a lot as she asked relevant questions to her guide and ensured she was heading in the right direction and delivering the desired result. Apart from just being curious, Akshi was well prepared for the task that was assigned to her well in advance with all the details. 

To proceed ahead with any task, it is very crucial to start and know where to start. Akshi did her primary and secondary research thoroughly to gauge the overall idea of what the company does and what has been done until now in the job she was assigned. She interacted with several people to understand the problem statement and back up her execution plan. This organized approach towards work made her deliver more efficient results and impress her superiors.

Being a fresher, Akshi didn’t let herself stop from getting the experience and give tough competition to the people with work experience. She enthusiastically participated in case competitions and learned as much as there was to learn from the real time case studies. This helped her a lot during her internship as she had a more clear idea of how and where to start and proceed. 

Along with making an execution plan and act on it, it is also important to deliver results on time. Akshi took a well-thought approach and also set targets for herself so that she could deliver results before time. She exploited all the opportunities-leadership talks and interaction with mentor- given to her for securing a PPO. Also she constantly sought feedback of her mentor and implemented the suggestions give to her.

Akshi’s advice to the junior batch is to be proactive at all times and be organized in one’s approach by creating an action plan and implement it efficiently. Meeting the deadlines and delivering quality work is bery crucial. She also added that one should be resilient and interact with as many people as possible and ask a lot of questions.

-Priyanshi Shah, Media and PR Team

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