Rain is grace, rain is sparkle, the droplets are shiny and the rainbows are winsome.

Sometimes your name portrays you and its reflection possesses you in the truest way possible. So today, lets hear the story of Barsha Chowdhury. A diligent civil technologist and a true Bong by heart, she has been proving her versatility in every sphere ever she has joined SCMHRD. Hailing from Kolkata, her culinary skills and her love for eating has always been burgeoning. Her words of guidance and mentorship are utterly coveted by every novice.

The dawn of her journey as she joined SCMHRD hadn’t been a cakewalk. Just a year ago this time, life was showing her all its whirlpools. Assignments, competitions and drives, there was too much on her plate. From civil engineering to infrastructure, there had been breakpoints which pushed her to drain her brains and work harder and consequently there were milestones achieved at every stage . Her corporate experience with Nagarjuna Construction’s planning and monitoring team enhanced her knowledge and skills in project management and facets of Infrastructure Management. SCMHRD added to sharpening the axes. The keenness towards her work and her perseverance in her commitments owned her an invaluable opportunity to intern with HILTI, one of the most desired construction and management company.  The open-door culture of HILTI and the guidance of her mentor and team-members were just icing on the cake. Life decided to be a little more kind on her and she did her internship while staying in Kolkata. Her project included business development and finding out new accounts for the company. Like others, her days were unplanned, the challenges were exigent but she sang the song of her victory once again. She earned a PPO from HILTI. Life was once more in composure.

Moving on, she talks about how juniors should prepare themselves efficiently and be quick on their feet. Knowing the nits and grits of one’s own CV and a thorough understanding about one’s specialisation would help one build a clear understanding about a particular company. She further adds that being enrolled in a course like Infrastructure Management, one should stay aware of what’s happening in different sectors of the country like energy and power sectors.

When the darkest moments arrive, the lumens shine brighter and that is how she transformed all her endeavours into plates of prosperity. Her philosophy of life and her thirst to improve in every sphere create a halo of positivity in the atmosphere and the people around are overwhelmed. For her, life is an ocean pool, learn how to swim in it and enjoy the ride!