#25: PPO Chronicles- Pankhuri Jaiswal, TVS Motors

Pankhuri Jaiswal from the batch of 2019-21, MBA bagged an opportunity of working on a live project with TVS Motors.

As an undergraduate, Pankhuri studied in Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management. Further, she worked with Accenture for 3 years as an Application Analyst. Prior to starting her journey in MBA, Pankhuri had already recognised her interest in the domain of Human Resource and wanted to contribute to it in the future. She believes that the contribution of an HR manager or executive was a driving force in an employee’s journey from when he/she is associated with a company first until the end. She also cognized with the fact that an MBA degree enabled her to expand her horizon and gave her exposure to a variety of fields in a managerial aspect.

The project that Pankhuri was involved in mainly revolved around the enhancement of a website. It required her to benchmark 10 companies that had been successful in the portrayal of Diversity and Inclusion in the current times. As indicated, the same had to be done for the website Pankhuri was working on, it had to be augmented in terms of diversity and inclusion along with being transparent to the aspirant employees wanting to be associated with TVS. 

The final step of the project being developing the interface and lastly, implementing all the data gathered.

 When speaking of the conflicts or minor barriers faced during the course of the project, the only constraint faced by her was the time she could get from the stakeholders. This required her to form questions that could retrieve all the details required for the project within the short period of time provided to her without losing the attention of the stakeholders. However, one major supportive factor during her project was her mentor who stayed in touch with her on a weekly basis and took constant updates to help her. Her mentor not only focused on the project but also encouraged her to foresee her hobbies, destress and network with her team. Pankhuri believes that the key to successful project management is timely communication with your mentor and team so the necessary changes can be made in time. 

When asked as to what made her obtain the PPI that she converted into a PPO, Pankhuri informed us that her belief in opportunities being disguised as hard work was a motivating factor. The fact that she left no stone unturned, was inquisitive constantly helped her be informed and on her toes.

Ultimately, her advice to the juniors was always give your 100% to every project that comes your way and be hungry to learn. When speaking technically, while providing solutions for the project you’re working on, be industry specific in terms of their practices and trends, break your project down into parts to comprehend it better to give it your best. Also, always remember that it isn’t one criteria you’re judged upon but also your communication, industry knowledge and academic principles.

We wish Pankhuri all the best for her future endeavours.

-Urvashi Sharma, Media and PR Team

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