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On 29 th July, Amit Kasliwal, a corporate leader and motivational speaker, visited the SCMHRD campus to give insights into leadership and networking. He has an experience of around 15 years with Ford wherein he started with being the Regional Manager in 2007 and is now the Country Head- Corporate Sales.
He began the session with asking the geographical distribution of the batch and emphasized on the strength diversity brings along with it. He talked about the importance of networking which essentially happens more effectively within a diverse group. His success formula is just following a schedule of waking up early and reading things which keep him positive the whole day.
He spoke about the following indispensable qualities of a leader-

  • A leader is a great listener- people nowadays do not listen; if they do, they do only to respond.
    Hence, it is imperative to listen to understand and comprehend.
  • Living in the moment- Leaders always focus on the present and hence are able to perform their
    best in whatever they do.
  • Empathy- Leaders handle matters by always trying to understand people’s situations by
    stepping in their shoes.
  • Humility- True leaders shift the attention away from themselves and focus on the contributions
    and needs of those around them.

Adding a spiritual element, he helped us understand the power of meditation which is one of sinews of better living and also made us meditate for five minutes. We felt the stress of MBA disappear and vowed to incorporate this practice in life whenever the circumstances are chaotic and not easy to deal with.
It was inspiring to see a person achieve the perfect blend of corporate and spiritual success. In turbulent times, we’ll definitely go back to this day and relive it!

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