#24: PPO Chronicles- Akshay Jaryal, Hero MotoCorp

Akshay Jaryal secured a PPO at Hero MotoCorp. After becoming the National Finalist of the Hero Campus Challenge Season 5 from Hero MotoCorp Limited, Akshay was presented with a PPI opportunity, which he converted into a PPO owing to his unparalleled dedication and hard work.

The competition required the students to provide a viable solution for two-wheeler shared mobility space. It aimed at finding out how Hero could help in providing fast commute at affordable prices. After clearing all the preliminary rounds of the competition and putting in nights of hard work, Akshay’s Team was declared the National Finalist of Hero Campus Challenge Season 5.

Before joining SCMHRD Akshay graduated in Commerce from Punjab University. He feels that one factor that distinguished his team from the rest, in terms of winning the competition is that they believed in playing on their strengths. If one of the team members was good at ideation, the other in finance and the third had good technical knowledge, they tried to come up with a solution wherein their strengths could be optimally used. Therefore, Akshay believes that a team should always consist of people with diverse skills and abilities, so that all of it, when summed together, leads to ultimate success. Hero Campus challenge was a three-month journey that started in the month of November and concluded in the month of January. For these three months, Akshay dedicated himself and all of his thoughts to emerging triumphantly in the competition. He considers the person’s zeal a driving factor in winning the competition.

Apart from that, Akshay states that one of the greatest challenges faced by him at the time of the competition was the difference in opinion that every team member possessed. To further elaborate, at the time of brainstorming or discussing the potential solution to the problem at hand, every team member came up with a different idea. Therefore, they tried to incorporate all the ideas and move forward as a single unit. 

A few pieces of advice that Akshay would like to give to the junior batch are that they should be extremely passionate about various happenings at SCMHRD. From competitions to extra-curricular activities, campus events and even academics. As it is their passion to learn and grow that would help them do wonders. Secondly, each and every student should keep his/her ego aside, as the mantra for winning a competition lies in Team Spirit. Lastly, the students should focus on the task at hand rather than taking up multiple tasks at the same time. They should go ahead and take up a task that provides them with good knowledge and learning experience and put in their all in that task. 

As a fresher, Akshay is looking forward to gaining ample experience and knowledge from a Global giant like Hero MotoCorp.

We wish Akshay All the Best for all of his future endeavours.

-Jigyasa Malaviya, Media and PR Team

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