Leadership Week Series : Heena Bhagat, Nielsen]

As part of Leadership Series Week at SCMHRD, Mrs. Heena Bhagat, Senior Manager at Nielsen India,addressed the students on 22 nd July.

Mrs. Heena Bhagat is an alumnus of SCMHRD (2009-2011 HR batch). She has a significant ndustry experience of 10 years working with firms like Eaton, Deloitte and Maersk. While working as an HR professional with Sun Pharma for about two years, analytics caught her attention and his journey has brought her to the position of Senior Manager in People Analytics and Digital ransformation division at Nielsen.

The session kicked off on an interactive note with a set of questions being put up by the students
about analytics and its prospects in HR. She spoke volumes about how domains like talent acquisition, attrition rates, skill gap, learning and development can be dealt efficiently using any classification of the Gartner’s model of analytics.

Talking about technology, she delivered insights about digitization, digitalization and digital
transformation – the three pivots around which the world revolves today. She spoke volumes about how analytics has contributed to HR as a profession and how it still holds a strong ground though the technology acts as a threat to it. The audience and the speaker exchanged their thoughts and opinions about Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

She further went on to explain about HR transformation and how mind-set of the employees plays challenging role in bringing about a change across the organization. Answering the students’ questions about how decision making in HR is influenced by mind-sets and culture of the organization, the session moved towards the end.

As a parting message Mrs. Heena gave suggestions about any skill enhancing courses the students can pursue, encouraged all of them to think and question their mind sets to take the right decision at work and think beyond the obvious limits.

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