#23: PPO Chronicles- Rohit Rajhans, Udaan

Rohit Rajhans from the MBA batch of 2019-21, specializing in the field of Human Resources, received a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) from Udaan.

Prior to pursuing an MBA at SCMHRD, Rohit graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. He had a stint in Sales Key Account Management and a factory experience that spanned over two and a half years.

He understood the dynamics concerned with the management of people, the different aspects of employee relations and to initiate learning and development avenues within shopfloor premises. This enabled him to develop an inclination towards Human resources.

While talking about the factor that gave him an edge to convert his Pre-Placement Interview, Rohit mentioned that he never took anything for granted. He prepared every day by putting hours into studying core Human Resources subjects like labour laws and explicated his resume thoroughly. He also put extra efforts into revisiting all the people challenges he faced during his work experience before his MBA. He was very clear about his strengths and weaknesses and the subjects he cleared in depth. In addition to this, Rohit underlined the significance of honesty. He explained that clarity about one’s work is essential. 

Rohit’s advice to the junior batch is that the value of academics should never be discounted and academics will help them go a long way in their careers. He highlighted the role of reading and more importantly knowing what to read to broaden one’s horizons. He firmly believes that analyzing research papers will help to build a sound foundation in different topics. Adding to this, he singled out that it is imperative not to get bogged down by the thought of having or not having a PPO. He advocates the idea of working sincerely and the importance of having hands-on experience in as many subjects as possible. He mentioned that networking with people and reaching out for help when needed is necessary for every student.

Rohit is immensely excited for his journey with Udaan and to meet his new family in person. He feels it is imperative to start with a clean slate and is looking forward to working hard and enjoying his time at the organization without worrying about his role.

We congratulate Rohit on his achievement and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

-Sudarshan Srinivas, Media and PR Team

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