#22: PPO Chronicles- Arohi Sood, Tata Capital

Arohi Sood, from the 2020-22 batch, an M.Com graduate from Panjab University with 10 months of work experience as an Accounts Executive pursuing his MBA in Marketing, did his internship with Tata Capital.
Tata Capital Limited is a financial and investment service provider in India. The firm offers consumer loans, wealth management, commercial finance, and infrastructure finance.

Arohi interned at Tata Capital and worked on a project to reduce the turnaround time for the leasing process at Tata Capital. He had to perform competitor analysis, such as Industrial benchmarking, and interview people from all departments involved in leasing to accomplish this. He took multiple rounds of in-depth interviews to figure out how to reduce the turnaround time. Since market research was also a vital part of his project, trying and connecting with a suitable target group was a task that Arohi carried out with much ease, flexibility, and reliability. He also developed marketing materials for the emerging corporate vertical, which revolved around providing marketing materials to the managers which was further used to pitch to clients about the product offerings and how Tata Capital can benefit them.

The overall experience Arohi had at Tata Capital was phenomenal. Over the course of internship, the knowledge transfer sessions he had with his mentor helped him excel at work. The work culture and the HR policies of the organization were engaging. The various leadership sessions conducted in the initial stages of his internship made the internship more fun and easier. He believes that keeping a note of your workdays will help you check on yourself and will be beneficial in the long run. Though there were difficulties while interviewing people multiple times, his management and soft skills assisted him in making the process go more smoothly.

Coming from a finance background, Arohi had completed his three years of Articleship training as part of the CA curriculum. He believes that coming from marketing specialization, his understanding of finance as a subject gave him edge over others in grabbing the PPO at Tata Capital.
A piece of advice that Arohi would like to give to the junior batch regarding their internship would be to maintain a daily work log and never hesitate to contribute to other projects. He believes that the organization wants the employee to access their potential on their own and take up new challenges.

-Debabrata Biswal, Media and PR Team

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