#21: PPO Chronicles- Prachee Muzumdar, UltraTech Cement Ltd.

Prachee Muzumdar from the MBA-IDM batch of 2019-2021, did her internship with UltraTech Cement Ltd.

Her internship project dealt with the Supply Chain operations wherein cost optimization and efficient logistics were the main points to work upon for both primary and secondary operations. Which groomed an intern towards the supply chain and logistics of a cement industry.

When asked about her experience, she, like always had a straight-forward answer “It was nice”, she said with a smile. Despite the hassle which happened due the pandemic, the company did well in accustoming the interns with the corporate scenario and helped in every way possible so as to have a smooth internship stint. Her mentor was very helpful and encouraging. He always asked her to set the deadline for her deliverables which in turn made her more responsible to stand by her word. Regular sessions with the leadership of the organization helped boost her confidence as well. Peers were easy to approach and were always ready to help throughout the course of her internship.

Prachee did her engineering in Electrical and Electronics stream and had a prior work experience of two years at Mytrah Energy India Private Ltd., which incredibly helped her in terms of understanding the business perspective of any firm. As one already comes with a prior experience of the corporate culture knowing a few ground realities, it is easier to sink in. So, the learnings from her past experience did help her in achieving the present goals.

She staunchly believes in hard work and that there is no substitute for it. The more you work hard, more the consequences will be in your favour. Concentrate more of your energy in the work given and the results later, this is also one of her mantras. She ensured that her deliverables were segregated well and easily understandable for others. Having good presentation skills immensely helped her while presenting her work/idea to her mentor and the top management.

Her piece of advice for the junior batch is, work hard, stay focused and never deceive in your deliverables. Always present your deliverables backed with quantifiable solutions. Prepare precise yet creative presentations. Communication is the key. Be assertive while you communicate with others. Believe in yourself.

We wish her best of luck in all her future endeavours.

-Vinayak, Media and PR Team

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