#21: PPO Chronicles- Harihara Krishnan, Capgemini

Harihara Krishnan, an MBA student specializing in Business Analytics from the 2020-22 batch, secured a PPO from Capgemini.

During his internship, Harihara got an opportunity to work on two projects; the first project was analyzing the business trends inthe Insurance domain, majorly for life, health, and property & casualty. The second was related to Insurtech for identifying,creating frameworks and platforms for the insurance projects using the latest technologies. He cherishes the learnings he gathered while working on these projects. He mentioned that it was initially a challenging project as it was an “empty canvas” that involved raw data that needed to be analyzed to generate helpful business insights. Every day, he has to analyze a plethora of insurance reports from various insurance companies, consulting firms, and analysts to develop comprehensive reports of their business trends.

Harihara mentioned that Capgemini had an incredibly supportive and fun-loving environment during his summer internship stint. He mentioned that the transition into the project was very smooth; the organization clarified their expectations from interns and assigned interns with a buddy and a mentor who were always a text away if he needed any help. The business units often conducted weekly fun sessions, which he loved. He interacted with plenty of stakeholders and everyone from the top management to the middle management during his internship, who shared their experience that helped Hari perform better. 

Harihara holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering with experience of 3 years at Tata ConsultancyServices (TCS). He believes that his previous work experience helped him perform better since he worked for TCS, an IT consulting firm, and later interned with Capgemini, again an IT consulting firm. He shared that it was effortless for him to acclimatize the surroundings than the freshers interning with him. His educational and technical experience helped immensely during the internship in researching the data and generating the reports.  

A piece of advice that Harihara would like to give to the junior batch is to be persistent and never hesitate to ask for help from the seniors as they help you nurture better. He also mentioned that during the internship, never restrict yourself to the project, go beyond your responsibilities and come up with ideas that might help the business perform better and makes the task easier for the team members. Students should foster good relations with all stakeholders during the internship, and networking is a must, according to Harihara.

-Karan Jamnal, Media and PR Team

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