#20: PPO Chronicles- Pratik Samant, Ultratech

Pratik Kanchan Samant, from the 2020-22 batch, an electrical engineer with 29 months of work experience in an IT retail showroom and co-founder of Food truck & delivery kitchen pursuing his MBA in Marketing, did his internship with Ultratech. 

UltraTech Cement Limited, a subsidiary of the Indian multinational conglomerate, Aditya Birla Group, and is the largest manufacturer of grey cement, ready mix concrete (RMC) and white cement in India. 

Pratik worked in the Ultratech Building Solution department, which helps Ultratech sell its portfolio and third-party products through a modern trade franchise model. In just two months, Pratik completed five projects. One of his projects was store performance tracking, where Pratik was given rawdata set of all the stores and had to develop a strategy for tracking their performance. 

In another project, Pratik conducted market research on the steel industry, which entailed identifying the pain points of the steel industry. He conducted secondary and primary research in that project by speaking with various stakeholders to understand their perspectives. He also identified the pain points of the steel category in UBS (Ultratech Building Solutions) to increase sales. To get a deeper insight, Pratik had to call multiple territory managers daily to understand the market situation and prepared an excel sheet that would track down the performance of all the states. 

Pratik developed a comprehensive excel financial model to assist dealers experiencing financial difficulties while researching the steel industry’s pain points. He also comprehended supply chain finance and developed a model, which was later approved by senior management and went into the pilot project phase. In addition, he created a B2B E-commerce platform for trading steel, which included operational, transactional flow, logistics, and financials.

The overall experience at Ultratech was something Pratik will never forget. From day one, the HR and senior management were very supportive. They provided all the support that Pratik required to excel in the work. Although challenging, he quickly became accustomed to the work culture and always stayed in touch with senior management, meeting their expectations.

Pratik believes that his previous work experience helped him interact maturely with the senior management at Ultratech. He also interacted with many customers while selling products of Ultratech, which gave him insights into some complex deliverables. He also believes that being in constant touch with the project deliverables by aligning your ideas on a daily basis is one of the critical factors that helped him secure the PPO.

Pratik’s one piece of advice to the junior batch is not to be afraid to share your ideas because any organization is looking for a practical yet fresh perspective. He emphasizes learning Excel and being courteous and punctual when sharing thoughts with senior management. He also mentioned that if a marketing student is interested, other software such as Tableau and Power BI would be helpful.

Pratik believes that his internship at Ultratech pushed him out of his comfort zone as it was challenging at times. Still, it was also full of invaluable lessons that he thoroughly relished.

-Debabrata Biswal, Media and PR Team

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