#20: PPO Chronicles- Jay Nayel, ITC

Jay Nayel from the MBA batch of 2019-2021, currently pursuing Marketing, did his internship with ITC.

During his internship, Jay worked on a mass data project which was based on building sales data model for the various stock keeping units (SKUs) of the organisation. Jay particularly worked on two SKUs – ITC Aashirwaad Swasti Ghee and Aashirwaad Multi-grain Aata. The work entailed creating business models to expand niche SKU and then eventually build a generalised coherent model that could be applied to any SKU using softwares such as Excel, Tableau and SPSS. The recommendations from the model build can then be applied as a blueprint to expand that SKU in the market with an objective to increase the sales of these brands.

Jay is a fresher and has done B. Com Honours as his undergraduate from Jain University, Bangalore prior to pursuing his MBA.

Due to the pandemic, the internship happened to be in a virtual set up that led to certain challenges pertaining to access to the data and transferring it for use in building the recommendation models. There were certain barriers while communicating with various stakeholders too. However, Jay diligently overcame all the challenges by learning various new skills such as the various data translation and visualisation techniques on the job and applying them to successfully deliver the objectives in the virtual environment.

Jay feels that expectations company had from him were immense and he worked really hard to leave no stone unturned and live up to those expectations. He got the right guidance from his mentor and buddy and was himself always proactive, willing and consistent towards achieving his goals. which ultimately made him the right fit for the organisation. He managed to pull off the work he initially thought was quite far-fetched with great success by working on the deliverables within the deadlines. He worked outside his comfort zone and with utmost sincerity transformed into the right fit for the organisation which ultimately made him bag a pre-placement offer from the company.

A piece of advice that he wishes to share with the junior batch is to communicate the ideas well along with indicating the future scope of the work done on the projects during the internship. He adds that one should prepare well for the presentations and deliver them in a way that could be understood by all the stakeholders. Lastly, consult the mentors regularly for timely feedback.

We congratulate Jay and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

-Nitika Jain, Media and PR Team

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