#2: PPO Chronicles- Satyam Bajaj, _VOIS

Satyam Bajaj from the batch of 2019-21, MBA who is currently specializing in the field of Marketing interned at Vodafone Intelligent Solutions (_VOIS) as a part of his summer project.

 As an undergraduate, Satyam was pursuing Bachelors of Technology in the field of Information Technology. The purpose or the motivating factor for him to do so was his craze for computers as it was a fairly new concept in India. It also stimulated him to learn various kinds of computer programming languages. Earlier, Satyam was oblivious to the idea of pursuing an MBA, and it was only in the 3rd year of his graduation that he developed an interest for it and further went ahead to pursue it.

While shedding some light on his project at VOIS as a Marketing intern, Satyam predominantly focused on it being an easy going, fulfilling, and an enriching experience.

The summer project at VOIS involved working around the enhancement of an existing software. Acquiring customer perception played a major role in this task that he was assigned. He had surveyed over a hundred people in order to gain insights into the how’s, what’s and the why’s of making the software more feasible to be utilized in the most effective manner.

 Since Satyam was a fresher at the time of his internship, he obtained a first-hand experience of an actual project at a higher level. The work culture at VOIS being friendly and helpful at every hierarchical level, helped him through his journey the most.

There were not many conflicts or challenges that Satyam faced while completing his project except but due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, he had to perform everything associated with his project digitally. As a personality, Satyam believes he is a person who likes being around people as it provides him with a true sense of what people’s perspectives and perceptions regarding the information he needs might be. Overall, the results obtained were much more meticulous and accurate.

On the successful completion of his project, Satyam secured himself a pre-placement offer. He believes the alignment of his project and its results with the company’s goal, vision and values, is what really helped him in this achievement along with producing results in time.

The one advice Satyam would like to give all the aspirants, especially to his juniors is that, no matter what you do in life, do it with interest, at the right pace with no haste, and at your calmest where you can make the right choices with no regrets later.

We wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

-Urvashi, Media and PR Team

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