#2: PPO Chronicles- Kaumil Adani, _VOIS Vantage

Adani Kaumil Hineshkumar, an MBA student specializing in Business Analytics from the 2020-22 batch, secured a PPO through _VOIS Vantage, a global case study competition.

_VOIS (Vodafone Intelligent Solutions) is a strategic division of Vodafone Group Plc that adds value by improving the quality and efficiency of various services in the IT/ITeS domain. _VOIS, established in 2006, has grown into a global, multi-functional organization with about 25,000 people operating across India, Albania, Egypt, Romania, and Hungary.

For the past four years _VOIS, through its flagship competition Vantage, has provided PPI opportunities to contestants based on their performances to convert it to a PPO. In the first round, teams had to brainstorm and design innovative solutions for real-world business problems. The case required students to provide a five-year road map for _VOIS to expand and initiate its services in new or existing markets in Europe with a post-pandemic structure and global strategy of expansion. Over 3000 students from premier B-Schools across the country provided their solutions.

Kaumil and his team started with an elimination approach – weeding out unnecessary options and converging onto markets with the highest prospects and varied opportunities. While working on the presentation, they aimed to fit the “maximum into the minimum” to cover all aspects of the case while avoiding overdosing the viewer with irrelevant content. They kept refining their solution with substantial research and data to support their claims, which is imperative in winning any case study competition. Another crucial aspect is the Q and A section during the presentation; depending on how teams defend their solution and provide relevant information to back it up, it can make or break the case. That is where the PPI comes into the picture.

Kaumil completed his IT engineering at NIRMA University, post which he worked as a software development engineer at Crest data systems for two years. He believes that the knowledge he gained from working in the industry helped him understand the operational aspects, communication skills with clients, and expansion strategies. Although, the primary intention of any competition is the idea and portrayal of the same. So, irrespective of a person’s educational background or work experience, they can win the case competition if they have an innovative idea and the right approach.

According to him, the two main things to keep in mind while approaching any competition would be teamwork and comprehending the problem statement from a company’s perspective. Companies look for unique solutions and people who can establish themselves as long-term assets on a global scale. For Vantage, they took individual performances during presentations of over 120 students into consideration for providing PPI opportunities, of which 23 students secured a PPI for the same. He gained an edge over others with constructive criticism and constant scrutiny of his solution. A piece of advice Kaumil would like to give the Junior Batch to secure PPOs is that to focus on summer internships as that is an excellent route to convert a PPO. Another way is through competitions of big companies, and additionally, you get CV pointers, goodies, hampers, and prize money worth lakhs. Competitions are a phenomenal way to gain knowledge, exposure, experience in tackling real-world industry problems, which cannot be substituted by classroom learning. It’s a complete win-win situation for MBA students, is what Kaumil says.

-Pournami Pradeepkumar, Media and PR Team

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