#19: PPO Chronicles- Siwalik Mishra, Piramal

Siwalik Mishra from the batch of 2019-2021 currently pursuing Human Resources did his internship with Piramal Group.

His project was based on integrating and digitizing the learning plans for talent at the Consumer Products Division, which included driving the creation and subsequent rollout of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for employees which help them take charge of their learning & development. He was able to help build a dashboard that monitors the entire IDP creation process and a chatbot that helped resolve employee IDP queries.

Piramal Group was able to provide Siwalik with a remarkable experience. For him, learning had been a steep curve, he was able to pick up nuances in the practical implementations of performance management and learning and development systems. He was lucky to have a great rapport with his mentor, who guided and mentored him at every step in the project. Despite it being a virtual internship, the journey was not all work and no play as all the interns had plenty of opportunities to get together, learn, and have fun.

Siwalik has a degree in Civil Engineering and has prior experience in working as an Application Development Associate at Accenture. The experience that he gained at Accenture in developing AI-based applications propelled him in creating a real-time conversational chatbot in Piramal along with his other deliverables.

In his journey, instead of viewing the process as a competition and trying to build an edge over others, he looked at it as an opportunity for learning and understanding HR processes at depth and a pathway to see tangible results of his work. This mindset set him apart and helped him on his journey to bagging the PPO.

Siwalik tells us about the open culture at Piramal. In the course of his internship, when he had to interact with multiple stakeholders across various functions, everyone was welcoming and helpful with not just making available the resources that were required for the project, but also going the extra mile to guide on any shortcomings he faced. The organization also planned a lot of sessions to give interns the chance to interact with leaders and the current management trainees. Piramal has an environment where innovation is the norm and where it is usual to take measured risks.

The advice that Siwalik would like to pass to his juniors is to always be curious about the project and research well in advance, to be agile to adapt quickly to all the unexpected things thrown your way, and lastly, to be creative. Being creative and thinking of out of the box solutions are the things that make you and your project stand out in the crowd. These things will help one have a successful run at all the projects.

We wish Siwalik all the best for his future endeavors.

-Tania Liz Mathews, Media and PR Team

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