#19: PPO Chronicles- Bipin Jose, Capgemini

Bipin Jose, from the 2020-2022 batch, pursuing his MBA in Infrastructure Development and Management, shares his story of how he landed a PPO with Capgemini. 

A civil engineer from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal with three years of work experience as a Deputy Manager in planning with Puravankara Limited found his way to intern with Capgemini and work in diverse sectors.

Capgemini is well-known for providing technology and consulting services across various industry sectors. During his time, Bipin had the opportunity to work on two projects. His first project was in the Healthcare sector, and he had to identify the top trends for the coming year with the help of qualitative and quantitative data. His second project was in the Health Insurance industry, and he had to determine the trends and itsbusiness impact for the coming year.

Bipin’s overall experience with Capgemini has been overwhelmingly positive. He mentions Capgemini’s workculture, which helped him acclimate quickly. Despite being a virtual internship, Bipin’s constant interaction with his mentor and buddy made him quickly adapt to the virtual environment. He also notes the Fun Friday activities, which take place every week to help employees interact.

He believes that his previous work experience as a Deputy Manager in planning gave him an edge and helped him meet his internship deadlines. He could foresee what a company expects from him, the client’s expectations, how a project should be, and how to present it better. As a planning engineer, he ensured that all tasks assigned to him were scheduled and that deadlines were met well in advance. Bipin believes that connecting with mentors and taking constructive criticism is one of the key factors that will help overcome the hurdles. 

He emphasizes the importance of being clear on the deliverables that senior management expects and delivering the same at the end. To make a mark, one needs to connect with all the employees in the department and form a network. This mantra worked well for Bipin as he didn’t restrict himself to communicating with the mentor and buddy but made connections throughout the department.

A piece of advice that Bipin would like to give to the junior batch regarding their internship would be to connect with the Alumni in the company and get to know the work culture. One must research his project’s sector and be well prepared in advance. He also mentions staying up to date on technology and honing your Excel, Tableau and PowerPoint skills, as they will come in handy.

-Debabrata Biswal, Media and PR Team

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